In this article let’s look at how we can share One AWS API Gateway between multiple Services.

TechStack: AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework, JavaScript


Assuming you have the above set up in your local machine, let’s begin.

Creating the Root API Gateway

Go ahead and create a separate directory of your choice and let’s call it, rest-api-root and then cd into the created directory and then create the below files,

First, create a simple handler for the main lambda as below,

Now create the below serverless.yml…

In this tutorial, we will see how to deploy a Rest API with a Proxy Method that’s hosted on AWS using Terraform.

Prerequisites Before we start: You will need to terraform, AWS-CLI and the configuration done in your local machine.

Terraform Installation Guide:

AWS CLI Installation:, Set the default account to be the one you would be using for terraform. …

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I am 3 Decades Old now (Almost)…

I have 3 Decades worth Experience and Knowledge on my life badge.

So What did I learn?

Another breakable new year resolution for 2019? What can I say, you have to try, at least to fail right?

If you have followed my previous blog posts, you would have noticed that I didn’t keep my word on writing frequent blog posts, which I have set as a major goal for me since September of 2018. That’s more like me :). The Ninja procrastinator of all time. I never get to start/finish most of the planned stuff in my schedules 95% of times.

So what now?

“Don’t Break The Chain”

Sounds familiar? If so because its a known technique…

In my childhood, I had this dream of “finally settling up” concept. Which includes some decent house, a car to myself, and etc.

It was beautiful, fancy and all, but when the shit hits the fan, you come back to your senses and begin to realize there is more to being settled up in life than having a physical house to yourself. First I’ve started looking at my life differently and changing myself and goals accordingly. Then I started seeing the world differently. Which gave me new hopes, smart dreams to live for.

Being a Software Engineer by profession made…

I murdered time for the past few days without thinking twice, And now I suffer from anxiety of thinking about how I spent my past time stupidly. Ever since I installed some new challenges to my life, which I have written here >( I was really productive, but it all held up from 26th October for whatever the reason, I went off the hook and I gotta admit I was even fully aware that I was not productive as well. But I didn’t bother correcting it at the moment until it hit me hard today.

One thing led to another…

Lesson learned the hard way, I couldn’t write the journal entry yesterday :(, Actually, I didn’t write my journal yesterday.

A simple mistake gave me drastic consequences. Yesterday morning was my running resuming day after two days of running consecutively from Monday. [I will write a separate post regarding how I started the hardcore morning running in freezing cold germany]. …

The toughest and the hardest thing to maintain in life every day…

The Discipline

Discipline is like taking the high ground, you either take the high ground or the high ground will take you. With thorough discipline, you achieve an unprecedented amount of consistency. When you have consistency in your mundane cluttered life. It's like attaining a state of Nirvana.

If you have enough discipline, then whatever situation you are currently in does not matter. If you know how to follow your discipline routings, you will always be performing on a level higher and focused on your main goals. This…

I promised myself exactly a week ago to start writing frequent blog posts. Which I started from 2018–10–14 last Sunday.

Here comes the evaluation.

According to my given “Rules of the Game”, I had to write at least 3 general blog posts per week and 1 technical blog post per week.

How did I do?

I am really satisfied to see that I have written 5 blog posts until today which surpasses the minimum threshold I’d set. Which also included a technical post as well.

What did I learn?

I think the best thing I came up with was, coming…

Journaling is one of the most amazing yet a simple technique to stay focus, stay mindful, be productive and be successful in life, they said!! 😃

Why should you journal often?

When you keep a journal every day, your mind focuses on writing your daily thoughts, And if you make this a habit and if you become well disciplined writing your journal. many people say that you could achieve a lot of things in life the way you really want them.

Well the million dollar question, Do I journal?

Well, I used to… Like for 4 days consecutively 😄 (many…

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