Connecting *dreams Looking forward

In my childhood, I had this dream of “finally settling up” concept. Which includes some decent house, a car to myself, and etc.

It was beautiful, fancy and all, but when the shit hits the fan, you come back to your senses and begin to realize there is more to being settled up in life than having a physical house to yourself. First I’ve started looking at my life differently and changing myself and goals accordingly. Then I started seeing the world differently. Which gave me new hopes, smart dreams to live for.

Being a Software Engineer by profession made me an innovator, a thinker. But never a better executer. (Guilty your honor). Having smart dreams won’t make things easy. In fact, the opposite is true, the more goals means, the more you have to sacrifice and endure things in your life.

Every new goal you set, will have its own set of challenges and consequences to live with. Every decision will make it harder more or less to take the next decision. More decisions lead you to decision fatigue. Which gives you stress. And it's a vicious circle with ups and downs you had never expected in your life.

As for me, my mission is still halfway through, I’ve come a long way already, but looking ahead of time, I would have to go far more than I have come. This whole time, ever since I started changing my perspectives and achieving my goals one by one. For every decision I took, I experienced astounding new sides of life, all comes with new set of challenges.

If you have enough fuel of motivation and the right amount of WHY with enough Discipline, you are my friend is unstoppable.



In the Journey of Exploring the Universe...

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