Don’t Break the Chain <><><>

Another breakable new year resolution for 2019? What can I say, you have to try, at least to fail right?

If you have followed my previous blog posts, you would have noticed that I didn’t keep my word on writing frequent blog posts, which I have set as a major goal for me since September of 2018. That’s more like me :). The Ninja procrastinator of all time. I never get to start/finish most of the planned stuff in my schedules 95% of times.

So what now?

Sounds familiar? If so because its a known technique from a person called “Jerry Seinfeld”- You can read more about it here.

Even before I got to know this from around the internet, I had used this technique unknowingly in my past. Yeah right?

So I am gonna try this CARD now. Can you blame me :D?

I am gonna tweak the rules of the game this time.

I know by heart, I wouldn’t be able to post blog posts every day. (Lessons learned). But I am gonna stick to a relaxed blogging style, with freedom and quality. (another experiment ;) )

It's time not to “Break the Chain”.

~Day1 of #DBC

In the Journey of Exploring the Universe...

In the Journey of Exploring the Universe...