Life lessons from 3Decades Old Me: Contd…

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I am 3 Decades Old now (Almost)…

I have 3 Decades worth Experience and Knowledge on my life badge.

So What did I learn?

  • Life is something we write like a book as we live by. You can write things in the book that you have control over, and the things you have no control will be written in the book regardless.
  • The more you learn the more you get rid of your old beliefs (if you had any).
  • The more you learn, the more you know, that the more you don’t know.
  • You start studying people instead of Judging people.
  • Maturity comes not only from Experience but by Knowledge.
  • You will learn how the most devastating life catastrophes can create everlasting impacts and re-shape your life in unimaginable ways.
  • You begin to understand that being happy is a decision, and working towards happiness requires immense discipline.
  • You realize motion creates emotion, And sometimes you have to act first before thinking too much.
  • You become more realistic instead of more optimistic vs pessimistic.
  • Decisions have its price of life tagged on them, each time you make one, you pay for it by your life.
  • Multiple choices create decision fatigue, and you will end up taking the wrong decision most of the times.
  • All you need to control is your “Present”, that way you can change your future-past, and your future. So stop thinking too much about the past and the future.
  • “Never procrastinate. Be Disciplined” is easier said than done.
  • Never forget that your brain is the mission control, you control your emotion and you control your motion. Not the other way around.
  • Choose your fights, because it will cost your present time and your values, which will ultimately impact your future.
  • Sometimes you will be absorbed by darkness, And that’s okay. Darkness will provide you the strength and guide you back to the Light.

These are some few interesting points I can highlight that I have learned over the past 30 years. But obviously there’s more, And I am hoping to share those ideas in some of my future articles (If I decide to write again).



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Dilusha Gonagala

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